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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

McDonald's Pineapple Pie

I gotta say, McDonald's pie is getting improve, except the ice-cream. I didn't take the picture of the new product, which is 'Matcha Ice-cream'. Well, not very convenient for me to do by the time i bought it. For who want to try it, just don't give it a big expectation (like me).

Me, what i thinking about is the matcha ice-cream the green color ice-cream. Guess what, when i order the ice-cream, it was just vanilla ice-cream by adding a tablespoon of matcha powder to it. Of course, they had mixed it for awhile. I personally not a fan in this ice-cream. i would give it 5.5. As a matcha lover, it just a hint of matcha flavor, not much. For my preference, it would be good if the ice-cream should mix with matcha powder beforehand instead just mixing it. At least like this, the balance of the taste is better.  Besides, as my friend had told me, it is sweet. And yes! It definitely sweet. Really sweet.

Okay, back to the pie. With this pineapple and the previous pear pie, I would definitely say good. At least it has the real fruit inside of it. Sour and sweet taste never bore of it. I give this 8/10 since it doesn't overly sweet. As for the previous pie--Pear. I don't know if you had tried to stew/steam/ cook the pear with some rock sugar. Erm, like Chinese dessert(冰糖炖梨) it could serve as hot/ cold. The pie has just the almost same taste same like it. So, i'll give it 8/10!
*I won't give it a full mark because i still don't like how gluiness of the fillings are.

P.S: i wonder when will Mcdonald's will come out with chocolate pie/cheese pie? I'm kinda bored with Tropicana fruit type of pie already.

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