bird cage

bird cage

Monday, February 27, 2017

Endless Hobbies

This is worst life i had ever. So many things i want to do but all this are money spending. I haven't got a job yet and all those art stuff keep attracting me. I want to learn how to pipe buttercream, i want to make a clay model, i want to draw/paint, i want to make a game, i want to make a short film, i want to write a love story...

There are a few things i'm doing right now. And this is bad. Really BAD!

Especially, art stuff it takes time. And because of these, i eventually forgetting i still have to search for a job.

Huh, job, job, job.

$ $ $

Endless loop...

By the way, just try a new drawing software yesterday. By trying the function inside, first i drew my brother. (He personally request it, so...) Here it is:

Handsome and smart right? XD

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