bird cage

bird cage

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Relative

To all my relative,

  I know you guys so care to the family, even you know i haven't work, and you introduce me a job. I am appreciated that. I am truly thankful. But, it just... i don't know how to tell you. With a hard time that i'm fighting for, right now, is not someone or anybody who would understand.

Did you get it? It just like,
Me: Oh my god, my house is on fire! Help!
Relative: Hey i know the way to help you. Walk about 2 hours from here, there is A BUCKET of water there. Go get it!
Me: I look at her and look at my problem.

See the problem there? I guess not, i still haven't tell anyone about my problem. So, they would think NOT THING PROBLEM I have.

Huh~ I know i should be grateful if there is someone to help but look at my problem first. I...fine. Whatever i say, people just telling me i'm ok. I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL! It just that I'm thinking too much, blah blah, blah.

Maybe just leave me alone would be better.
From: a girl with appreciation but not really

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