bird cage

bird cage

Friday, February 10, 2017

Am i progressing?

Remember i wrote a new year resolution before? Guess not. Well anyway, i'm trying to do what's make me happy and i feel want to.

This social anxiety (what i assume i have it) it really bugging me and avoid me to find a job. Look, i want to get a job, i want money. But the fear inside of me is really hard to do so. For more than half year, i still where i am. I haven't got any proceed in my life. Look at everyone is doing great in their life, this feeling is making me sadder and depress.

In order to prevent me thinking negative and suicidal thinking, i do a lot (maybe not a lot) things to balance my feelings and thoughts. I tried to learn baking, rpg making, writing fiction story and video editing.

I don't know whether i'm proceeding, but at least i learn some editing skill and rpg making skills (as for beginners). About the story, i'm writing almost 1/3.  The whole concept is planned, every idea was written down. The only left is the details and some small part of things to write.
(Still learning and discovering how to make things)

*video editing- just post a short gameplay video on youtube. (but still suck at editing)

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