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bird cage

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year Resolution

I don't usually make any new year resolution, for the past. I don't know why this year there the 'new year resolution' is everywhere. Well, is not a bad thing but, what i think is probably useless (for me at least) as my personality, i don't usually follow what I've planned nor written down. Even shopping list, i wrote down every single item that i want to buy, however, at the end i still over budget on other things i saw. Thus, new resolution maybe not the best way to work out for me. Nevertheless, i still can plan what i want to do this year, though. Just let see how will i complete the task i plan today right here, right now. 

  1. Make my own an RPG game (not horror/puzzle type but more toward to story base)
  2. Lose weight (Every Fxxk year i say to myself, but still gaining fat. Damn!)
  3. Complete my very own 1st story (a rough idea for the different story but still lack of creativity to complete the story as a whole. Right now, i have 3-4 different story in my head but it just a small part of the idea for each story.)
  4. Learn to read/ at least be able to listen Japanese (I had bought so many books but too lazy to read, i'm not a reading person, though.)
  5. Be able to fix my 'social anxiety' (Not sure i have one but until now i still scared how people look at me / think what a person i am. Look at the stranger as well as communicate with them, there is so much thinking!I would like to stop.It so suffering!)
  6. Be able to find a way to make $ and i am happy about it. (Still difficulty in searching job.)
  7. Consider to open a youtube account (i have one but do not know what content of the video to upload with.)
  8. Be happy! (a totally depressing state right now)

So, let see how will i gonna complete these, this year. Maybe not a single from the list will complete, though. Very well, let see in 2018.

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