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bird cage

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Midnight Puppeteer [RPG Game]

This game story probably the first top that i like. It doesn't contain any gore or horror stuff but, the storyline they created, is too just awesome!Those puzzles quite hard,though (for a noob me, yes it is hard). One thing i like the game is that the changing cloth session. They come up pretty much of clothes for the main character to change. What clothes they have? Just play it yourself. If you asked is that a horrifying game? No, however, there is a part about crawling into ventilation, they made it quite horrified. It just like there is jumpscare at any minute, and yeah great job guys!

My feeling toward this game is just great!Really great! This is what i hope for the RPG game. I like horror and gore game but if there someone to play it. I'm not a gamer but just a girl who like to watch some else play the game. My type of game or i would likely to play myself, this game is probably what i seek for. The storyline is what important to me, the puzzle things not my fav.  And, yeah, i hope there is others game similar to this. 

End: 2 bad, 1 true

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