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Monday, January 9, 2017

Mcdonald's Dessert (Red Bean)

It's time for another food taste test from Mcdonald's. And the 'theme' / series is Red Bean. 

You know what, this is actually not bad. First of all, about the Red Bean Sundae was surprised it doesn't overly sweet. It pretty quite matches with the vanilla ice-cream. The red bean sauce, not too sweet, and what're more it remains the consistency of the red bean. As for what it means is the red bean is not the kind of mushy. As an example of Anko (Red Bean Paste)-- Tsubuan type but more liquidy base.

Since, i bought back to home it was melt. I taste it for a few scoop, and it was not bad. Then, i put back into the freezer to freeze. At first, i didn't of any but, it just tastes familiar. The decision not to continue to eat melty ice-cream is correct. After taken out from the freezer, it just solidified a bit. You maybe know what it would taste like if you guess correctly. As for what i get to tasted is like ice-cream potong, red bean version. Also, what added a point of this red bean series, is Matcha ice-cream. It definitely goes well with it. Unfortunately, Mcdonald's doesn't sell Match ice-cream, though. Overall, i would give it 8/10. As for the pie, i ate it cold so my taste of it maybe not too correct but i'll give it 6/10. It just okay for me. Oh yeah, before i forget, the red bean ice-cream, try to make yourself mochi and then wrap the ice-cream in it. It will definitely,100% sure it taste really good. Just try it!

P.S: About the golden prosperity burger, i had thought i to buy it. However, it is kinda expensive for me so, i just bought another cheaper burger instead.

(Kinda melted)
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