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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Choux au Craquelin - "Crispy Cream Puff"

A recipe from EMOJOIE CUISINE. Nothing special here. Just follow the recipe and steps, except the cream filling. I just whip the whipped cream and fold in the custard in which I left from other recipes.

P.S: I don't know why mine doesn't crispy at all and it was kinda soft. Like really soft. It tasted good but not the texture what I imagined. Maybe I made something wrong during the process.  

Egg Tart

There was a day, I browsed Facebook, scrolled down the page and saw a clip. A clip which it made egg tart. It looks so delicious and wanted to try it out. The clip that I watched was not the recipe I want because of the butter contained. So, in order to find a minimum / "less butter" recipe, I tried to search for the one I want. There it is: 

Recipe and steps are almost the same, but the crust I modified a bit. What I do instead of cream the butter, I change to used cold butter which how you make pie crust. As easy as that.


70g unsalted butter
30g granulated sugar
25g egg
120 cake flour
a pinch of salt

Egg filling:
2 eggs
50ml hot water
50g sugar
120ml milk

  • Flour + Sugar, stir together.
  • Cut in the butter into flour mixture by using fingertips until the texture of wet sand.
  • Add the egg with a spatula to mix thoroughly and press it to form a dough (do not knead!)
  • Flatten the dough and wrap it in plastic wrap and put into the fridge to chill and firm it up. (roughly 30 mins)
  • Pour sugar into hot water to dissolve.
  • Add in milk and stir.
  • Whisk the egg, pour into milk mixture and whisk until combined.
  • Sieve the egg mixture to get a smooth texture.
  • Take out the dough, roll out the dough cut them into the size of your mold and press the dough it to the side of the mold.
  • *This dough is kinda wet, recommend using plastic wrap to flatten up the dough.
  • Used fork to poke the hole at the bottom and put back to the fridge to firm up.
  • Preheat oven to 190° C.
  • Pour the egg mixture into the mold and bake for 10 mins. Then turn down to 170° C and bake about 10-15mins.  (depends on your oven)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Meal From Delivery

Once again, lazy to change clothes and walk outside in the heat of the sun to buy my lunch. In a cheaper price I can go outside to buy one for me but to truth is, there is nothing else I wanna eat there. Every day the same chicken rice, noodles... It so boring to eat that over and over again. So, I decided to search for delivery. Although, it tends to be pricey.

The first thought of delivery is 'Food Panda' but since is Ramadan and most of their runners balik kampung to celebrate Raya, so aren't any service from there. Then, thinking about Domino Pizza and KFC. Nah~ don't feel to eat fast food. What else I can do??

Google search!

And Boom! Check the first few list and I came across this website:

They covered pretty much of food there which include Malay, Chinese and Indian Cuisine. But in my opinion is ok lah. But the best thing is they have cake delivery too. Wow! What attracted me the most is their delivery price. Is FOC (free of charge!)
No minimum order, no delivery fees. Why not I try it?

These are the meals I ordered.
Ayam masak lemak chili api with white rice and a coconut pudding.
Portion quite reasonable. What I amaze is that their chicken. It was so tender to eat. The sauce i think is coconut milk, it was a little bit sweet, savory and a little spicy in it.
 It actually pretty good. And for the coconut pudding, You heard it, "coconut" pudding. Full of flavor, especially the sugar syrup, I think it made of gula melaka. Overall, it not so sweet in my opinion.

I'll give it 8 out of 10. And I might reorder from this website again.

P.S: The delivery took about an hour or less to arrive (from cheras area).

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cake Week on The End of April

Matcha Magic Cake

Fruity Sponge Cake

Matcha Roll Cake Filled with Red Bean Cream

First of all, let's talk about why it was cake week. You see, my mom and I having our birthday on the end of April and early of May. And so, I was trying to bake a cake. The magic cake was not in my plan. However, just a few days before my mom's birthday, I had some urge to eat a cake. So, my mom said to my can i make pudding or cake with matcha? Then, something flash through my mind-- Magic Cake! Cake on the top, pudding at the middle and custard at the bottom. One batter, 3 different taste. How convenient. But at the end, i followed the recipe and it came out 2 layers. I guess it was a failed.

Moving on the next cake, fruity sponge cake. My mom really likes fruitcake, so i decided to make one, since, i found a good recipe and technique on baking a sponge cake.  There nothing much here. It just a cake made for my mom and me. (The day i bake the cake was in between my mom and my birthday.)

And... the matcha roll cake. I think it was bake in May. So it pretty much doesn't relate to the 'Cake Week'. It just me who want to post it here. Nothing much to talk about. 

P.S: In the process, i messed up the baking pan (refer to fruit sponge cake) I did not secure the bottom tightly and when i tried to pick up the pan it fell off. Luckily, i manage to save the batter and it bakes nicely. Lucky me! :)

McX's New Product Taste Test

Blueberry Sundae
As always, the berry type of jam or syrup, there tend to have a medicine taste. Weird.
I give it points because of the nice vanilla ice-cream and the little baby blueberry.

Karipap Pie
To tell you the truth, this isn't bad.
It tastes quite nice tho, crisp on the outside, curry fragrant in the inside.
In my opinion, this price doesn't worth compare to outside stands. Same taste can be bought cheaper at the outside stands/stores.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Strange Dream

Have you ever wondered in a dream, you never see it before but you feel that you know the place. As for me, i experience dream for everytime i sleep. Some weird dream, some good and some bad. However, there is a dream, a place i feel i know about, i recognize the place, but it doesn't exist in this world. That kind of feel familiar, what is this actually? Have i really see it before?

When i was still half awake, in that dream, i am clearly know this road is to go where, this place is not the place where i want to go. Why? How is this happen? I'm so confusing. It so strange.

Or is this the memories of previous life?

Maybe not...

Weird Feels

14/4/2017            Night

Just about the clock tick at 9.00 pm. I was in the middle of watching Cry plays "Yakuza 0", then suddenly my surrounding went black. I wondering what is happening here and look at the outside window. Apparently, the whole area went black out. Each of the neighbors takes out their torchlight or light the candle. Even, it makes us harder to go to the bathroom to have a 'pee pee'. What a special event.

It lasts for about one and a half hour before it regains back the electricity. At the moment, i had a weird feeling. A feel of happiness i assume. I don't know what this feeling all about. It just weird. No electricity equal to no internet. It should feel boring. Yes indeed, i am bored but instead, somehow i feel glad about it. Maybe it just an event that rarely happens and i felt special. I guess.

No electricity = no internet = boring

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

McDonald's Pineapple Pie

I gotta say, McDonald's pie is getting improve, except the ice-cream. I didn't take the picture of the new product, which is 'Matcha Ice-cream'. Well, not very convenient for me to do by the time i bought it. For who want to try it, just don't give it a big expectation (like me).

Me, what i thinking about is the matcha ice-cream the green color ice-cream. Guess what, when i order the ice-cream, it was just vanilla ice-cream by adding a tablespoon of matcha powder to it. Of course, they had mixed it for awhile. I personally not a fan in this ice-cream. i would give it 5.5. As a matcha lover, it just a hint of matcha flavor, not much. For my preference, it would be good if the ice-cream should mix with matcha powder beforehand instead just mixing it. At least like this, the balance of the taste is better.  Besides, as my friend had told me, it is sweet. And yes! It definitely sweet. Really sweet.

Okay, back to the pie. With this pineapple and the previous pear pie, I would definitely say good. At least it has the real fruit inside of it. Sour and sweet taste never bore of it. I give this 8/10 since it doesn't overly sweet. As for the previous pie--Pear. I don't know if you had tried to stew/steam/ cook the pear with some rock sugar. Erm, like Chinese dessert(冰糖炖梨) it could serve as hot/ cold. The pie has just the almost same taste same like it. So, i'll give it 8/10!
*I won't give it a full mark because i still don't like how gluiness of the fillings are.

P.S: i wonder when will Mcdonald's will come out with chocolate pie/cheese pie? I'm kinda bored with Tropicana fruit type of pie already.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Endless Hobbies

This is worst life i had ever. So many things i want to do but all this are money spending. I haven't got a job yet and all those art stuff keep attracting me. I want to learn how to pipe buttercream, i want to make a clay model, i want to draw/paint, i want to make a game, i want to make a short film, i want to write a love story...

There are a few things i'm doing right now. And this is bad. Really BAD!

Especially, art stuff it takes time. And because of these, i eventually forgetting i still have to search for a job.

Huh, job, job, job.

$ $ $

Endless loop...

By the way, just try a new drawing software yesterday. By trying the function inside, first i drew my brother. (He personally request it, so...) Here it is:

Handsome and smart right? XD

Friday, February 10, 2017

Am i progressing?

Remember i wrote a new year resolution before? Guess not. Well anyway, i'm trying to do what's make me happy and i feel want to.

This social anxiety (what i assume i have it) it really bugging me and avoid me to find a job. Look, i want to get a job, i want money. But the fear inside of me is really hard to do so. For more than half year, i still where i am. I haven't got any proceed in my life. Look at everyone is doing great in their life, this feeling is making me sadder and depress.

In order to prevent me thinking negative and suicidal thinking, i do a lot (maybe not a lot) things to balance my feelings and thoughts. I tried to learn baking, rpg making, writing fiction story and video editing.

I don't know whether i'm proceeding, but at least i learn some editing skill and rpg making skills (as for beginners). About the story, i'm writing almost 1/3.  The whole concept is planned, every idea was written down. The only left is the details and some small part of things to write.
(Still learning and discovering how to make things)

*video editing- just post a short gameplay video on youtube. (but still suck at editing)

Swiss Meringue Buttercream is better than basic buttercream

At last, i found my favorite recipe that frost my cupcake beautifully (i know it may not be seen really that great, you know, newbie on piping). Before that, i tried many times on basic buttercream so that i can practice on piping some pattern (like flowers)  but every time i made it end up failed. Each time i make it always became runny and melty. Although i put in the fridge but after taken out for a minute it starts to melt again. Huh...i feel so frustrating. 

I've been considered to make swiss meringue buttercream many times but, since it uses egg white to whipped up, consider the safety issue, so i try to step back. But then, no matter what i do, the basic buttercream still not successfully make. Therefore, i end up to try this recipe.  

After i tried this, i found that it is less sweet, more fluffy and glossy than the basic buttercream. It is easy to pipe and it stay it shape longer. Although, somehow i still find this recipe a little bit melty but still be able to hold it shape.  

This recipe is from a comment from a video which he/she has been cutting the recipe into a small batch. (Great for experiment) 
*Safety consideration= use pasteurized egg

2 egg whites
110g sugar
150g unsalted butter

  1. Use the double boiler method, warm the egg whites and sugar while continuing stir to prevent egg whites being cooked. It ready to whip when it reach 160c and the sugar is dissolved.(rub it with fingertips and it smooth)
  2. Use hand mixer/ stand mixer to whip the egg white until stiff peak and it cool to touch.
  3. Then scoop/cube the butter (small amount) one at a time to the egg white with slow speed.
  4. Then turn to high speed and continue to whip the frosting. 
  5. Be patient, it takes sometimes to whip until desired fluff and smooth buttercream.  
  6. If it runny, pop in the fridge for 30 mins, then continue to whip. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Relative

To all my relative,

  I know you guys so care to the family, even you know i haven't work, and you introduce me a job. I am appreciated that. I am truly thankful. But, it just... i don't know how to tell you. With a hard time that i'm fighting for, right now, is not someone or anybody who would understand.

Did you get it? It just like,
Me: Oh my god, my house is on fire! Help!
Relative: Hey i know the way to help you. Walk about 2 hours from here, there is A BUCKET of water there. Go get it!
Me: I look at her and look at my problem.

See the problem there? I guess not, i still haven't tell anyone about my problem. So, they would think NOT THING PROBLEM I have.

Huh~ I know i should be grateful if there is someone to help but look at my problem first. I...fine. Whatever i say, people just telling me i'm ok. I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL! It just that I'm thinking too much, blah blah, blah.

Maybe just leave me alone would be better.
From: a girl with appreciation but not really

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm suffering...

I'm really suffering here!

I hate this.

And she doing it again.
She ignoring me.
Why did she always do that?
I'm fucking hate that.

I hate myself.


I hate today...

Friday, January 27, 2017













Thursday, January 19, 2017

Black Sesame Seed Chiffon Cake

It's been a while i bake something. This 2 weeks, all my works it to paint my wall, the doors, and furniture. I don't even have my time to bake. Thank god, i don't have to do that again. At least not today. 

Anyway, my mom had bought me a pack of sesame seed. You see, i just ask her why she always buys cashew nuts to eat and not sesame seed. The funny thing is the next day she actually bought me sesame seed. Then she said, for you. I said, Har? What? I just asking that's all, she not even giving me the reason instead bought it for me. Mom, what are you thinking? 

Well, is not that bad after all, i still can try to make 'things'. With these much of black sesame seed, to tell you the truth, i don't actually know what to do. All i really want is to eat a sponge cake. That's it. Either way, i have to bake myself a cake and the other day I also saw one video from a Korean guy who eats a cake in which made with sesame seed. So i'm thinking why not just add in the black sesame instead. Now here, the black sesame seed chiffon cake.

Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

3 egg yolks
20g sugar
50g vegetable oil
90ml milk
70g cake flour
25g black sesame seed (weight then crush)
3 egg whites
50g sugar
Shredded almond (optional)

1. Prepare parchment paper only for the bottom of the baking pan. (I used bread loaf pan, not sure what the size is)
2. Preheat oven 170°C.
3. Beat the egg yolk + sugar until thicken a bit.
4. Gradually pour in vegetable oil and beat until pale yellow.
5. Then, slowly add in milk and whisk combine.
6. Sift in cake flour + black sesame seed and mix. (*do not overly mix)
7. Another clean bowl beat egg whites until foamy then add 1/3 sugar in it. Continue to beat the egg whites by partially add in another 1/3 sugar. Repeat the remaining sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  
8. It should be beaten until the stage at medium peak.
9. Pour the batter into the baking pan and tap the pan on the table surface to remove air bubble.
10. Oven 170°C, bake for 25-30mins.
11. Once done baking take it out and invert the cake onto the wire rack to let it cool completely.

*Try to cut down the oil by10g (50g-10g=40g)
*Make sure the sesame seed has been roasted!
  -If not, the flavor doesn’t come out and there is a bit of grassy taste.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017








去年的这个时候我生病了。可惜为什么不是在2017呢?真的很希望那天生了个大病!不要出门也不用面对他们!真的好想好想 生病。请容许我这次吧。我求您!


蛤~  蓝瘦,香菇啊~


Sunday, January 15, 2017











Monday, January 9, 2017

Mcdonald's Dessert (Red Bean)

It's time for another food taste test from Mcdonald's. And the 'theme' / series is Red Bean. 

You know what, this is actually not bad. First of all, about the Red Bean Sundae was surprised it doesn't overly sweet. It pretty quite matches with the vanilla ice-cream. The red bean sauce, not too sweet, and what're more it remains the consistency of the red bean. As for what it means is the red bean is not the kind of mushy. As an example of Anko (Red Bean Paste)-- Tsubuan type but more liquidy base.

Since, i bought back to home it was melt. I taste it for a few scoop, and it was not bad. Then, i put back into the freezer to freeze. At first, i didn't of any but, it just tastes familiar. The decision not to continue to eat melty ice-cream is correct. After taken out from the freezer, it just solidified a bit. You maybe know what it would taste like if you guess correctly. As for what i get to tasted is like ice-cream potong, red bean version. Also, what added a point of this red bean series, is Matcha ice-cream. It definitely goes well with it. Unfortunately, Mcdonald's doesn't sell Match ice-cream, though. Overall, i would give it 8/10. As for the pie, i ate it cold so my taste of it maybe not too correct but i'll give it 6/10. It just okay for me. Oh yeah, before i forget, the red bean ice-cream, try to make yourself mochi and then wrap the ice-cream in it. It will definitely,100% sure it taste really good. Just try it!

P.S: About the golden prosperity burger, i had thought i to buy it. However, it is kinda expensive for me so, i just bought another cheaper burger instead.

(Kinda melted)
*Not sponsor

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year Resolution

I don't usually make any new year resolution, for the past. I don't know why this year there the 'new year resolution' is everywhere. Well, is not a bad thing but, what i think is probably useless (for me at least) as my personality, i don't usually follow what I've planned nor written down. Even shopping list, i wrote down every single item that i want to buy, however, at the end i still over budget on other things i saw. Thus, new resolution maybe not the best way to work out for me. Nevertheless, i still can plan what i want to do this year, though. Just let see how will i complete the task i plan today right here, right now. 

  1. Make my own an RPG game (not horror/puzzle type but more toward to story base)
  2. Lose weight (Every Fxxk year i say to myself, but still gaining fat. Damn!)
  3. Complete my very own 1st story (a rough idea for the different story but still lack of creativity to complete the story as a whole. Right now, i have 3-4 different story in my head but it just a small part of the idea for each story.)
  4. Learn to read/ at least be able to listen Japanese (I had bought so many books but too lazy to read, i'm not a reading person, though.)
  5. Be able to fix my 'social anxiety' (Not sure i have one but until now i still scared how people look at me / think what a person i am. Look at the stranger as well as communicate with them, there is so much thinking!I would like to stop.It so suffering!)
  6. Be able to find a way to make $ and i am happy about it. (Still difficulty in searching job.)
  7. Consider to open a youtube account (i have one but do not know what content of the video to upload with.)
  8. Be happy! (a totally depressing state right now)

So, let see how will i gonna complete these, this year. Maybe not a single from the list will complete, though. Very well, let see in 2018.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Midnight Puppeteer [RPG Game]

This game story probably the first top that i like. It doesn't contain any gore or horror stuff but, the storyline they created, is too just awesome!Those puzzles quite hard,though (for a noob me, yes it is hard). One thing i like the game is that the changing cloth session. They come up pretty much of clothes for the main character to change. What clothes they have? Just play it yourself. If you asked is that a horrifying game? No, however, there is a part about crawling into ventilation, they made it quite horrified. It just like there is jumpscare at any minute, and yeah great job guys!

My feeling toward this game is just great!Really great! This is what i hope for the RPG game. I like horror and gore game but if there someone to play it. I'm not a gamer but just a girl who like to watch some else play the game. My type of game or i would likely to play myself, this game is probably what i seek for. The storyline is what important to me, the puzzle things not my fav.  And, yeah, i hope there is others game similar to this. 

End: 2 bad, 1 true