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Monday, December 19, 2016

Gingerbread House?

Alright, today is not my day! I'm messed up pretty much of things from pizza dough to gingerbread house. I spent my whole afternoon standing in front of the table make this and that. First of all, my brunch. I was decided to make my own pizza today. I was looked up for the dough recipe (no knead pizza dough), i made it. I was so confident that it will make my pizza really great. And... yes, it was a total failed. The dough was very wet and sticky. I couldn't even form it into a dough and roll it up into round shape. The texture is pretty dense and chewy. Huh... damn mess. Well, i can't blame for the recipe. It was me who messed up by adding too much of water.

 Hmm? what? where's the photo? Look, after i waking up from bed, i straight prepare and cooked the filling(pizza). I didn't even eat a thing. So, in that situation, i am pretty much hungry and when i conscious about the photo, i had already it. screw it! By the way, it was nothing good to look at it though. It just a fuck up pizza. 

And after having my "Delicious" brunch, is time to prepare the ingredient to decorate my very own gingerbread house. I buy every biscuit that i think it can be my decoration. Some expensive, some cheap like Pocky(double chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream), oreo and some other local brand mini chocolate. In the end, the only biscuit i used was the double chocolate Pocky and the mini chocolate. Well, for a sweet tooth like me, i wouldn't be a waste. I'll just eat up anyway. 

At this angle, it doesn't seem bad right? But if i turn to another way round, it was horrible and awful.


Right Side

Left Side

And the last, Back Side. 

After i finish decorate this thing here, i was wondering how can i be this bad at baking and decorating?The pictures i took aren't too bad at all. But it was just the angle. I've missed the shot where the crack side is. Oh man, the process of making this is killing me, especially the window. My first idea was to use orange candy, melt it and pour to the windows there. However, it became solid very fast. So, i stop using it and change it to jelly. One thing, though, JELLY you make my cookies become soggy! (Duh! it supposes to be like this.) Since i baking myself the cookies, it was kinda off of the measure. All i do was just covered up with white chocolate( excessively).  Other than that, i was pretty much satisfying with the roof. It ain't bad, isn't it? Just right about i took the picture i want, the next thing, i ......

Smash It and Eat It!

  *I say it is a gingerbread house but, the cookies doesn't contain any spices. It just a normal chocolate cookie. That's all.

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