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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RPG- Mukan Kyukou [夢間急行] chinese ver.

  I had downloaded this game for about a month now. In between i tried to play to achieve the real ending but could not. It is very annoying me. I tried so many times, in the end, it still came out with the bad end/not the true ending. I was very frustrated and leave the game for a month. There is time i even wanted to just delete the game and watch other players played the real ending. Then, i did not do so and try to play it one more time. And there it is. I finally get to play the ending i want! Yes! i'm not sure how many ending there are but i manage to get 2 different endings. I got the murderer which i think is the true end but if there is another bad end i might like to play so. But once again, i might not. I'm just too lazy to play it all over again (even though the game isn't that long). Anyway, i'm just glad i break through the game and finally able to delete the game. I'm not sure if there is an English version, but if anyone who understand Chinese could give this a try.  

【  軟體名稱  】夢間急行 [繁體中文版]
【  系統環境  】Windows98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
【 開發環境 】WOLF RPG Editor
【  著作權    】HIJIKI
【  翻譯者    】葦井希
【  修圖者    】sikv
【  作者網站  】くらげのかえり道
【簡介】"偵探" ‧ 吳,被邀請搭乘某位富豪所有的臥鋪列車 ‧ 夢間急行(Mukan kyukou)。本應是場愉快的旅程,卻在浴室中發現了屍體……。
(*information from a facebook page tht i followed.) 

Another short game. Not a horrific /bloody type. Overall, it is a relaxing game but needed to think a little. It a good game though. 

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