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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Omurice with Self-made Tomato Sauce [no recipe]

Daily Lunch

In cooking, i don't really follow the recipe. For me it just about how it taste. I literally think of anything i can put and just throw into the pan. If too salt, just add sugar. And of course, it must depend on the situation. It is fun when you cook while eating it. No...i mean tasting it. :p

Basically, it's just rice, vegetable,  sausage and ketchup. For flavor just add in salt, black pepper and sugar for tasting. 
Then, the omelet (the Japanese version) is the hardest thing to cook it perfect. I don't have a non-stick pan so, i try to heat the pan and oil. Remove the excessive oil, then pour the egg mixture and cook it over low heat. Uhh...the perfect oval shape is ruined as i try to flip it. In the end, it just scrambles egg.  
As for the tomato sauce, just cut the tomato into small pieces, then throw into a small pan and cook until soft. Then i pour some vinegar, a teaspoon of each (any vinegar i have in my house), salt, black pepper, dry oregano and sugar. Smash the tomato as you cook. And wala~ there you have it, simple tomato sauce. 

With just this, it's not satisfied me. What's more adding a slice of cheese on top of the rice is heavenly good! 

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