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bird cage

Monday, November 28, 2016

Migakamikagami [御我神的镜子(ミガカミカガミ)]

I must say this game is really freaked me out! The graphics and also the soundtrack. Every time i play the game i felt so thrilled and it gave me goosebump all the way through the end of the game. I never know i can't handle this game. This is just too bloody, gore and horrify. Sometimes it jumpscare you. If you ever play this just be careful of those jumpscares, it always gets me. And another thing, i really suck at chasing and puzzles. It took me like hours to guess and died so many time just so to move on. Well, it  is a good game indeed,  really. I am really recommended you play this game if you are brave as me! Especially when there are only 2 ends. ( Just so, i wouldn't replay again to get all the endings)

在这我只能告诉你,如果你有胆的话(像我)就试玩这款游戏。血腥及恐怖游戏不是没看过。可是,当自己亲身去玩的时候就不同说法了。这游戏真的起鸡皮疙瘩,从头到尾都惊心吊胆的。偶尔趁你一个不注意的时候恐怖画面会跳出来,这真的各种脏话都飙出来。(虽然我只说“妈的”。) 不过这游戏真超恐怖的说!恐怖归恐怖,我觉得这款游戏还蛮好玩的。剧情还不错。虽说是百合,可是我倒是觉得友谊深而已。在怎么说,你不玩你怎么知道呢?另一个选项,你可以去看Youtuber实况。

【游戏Game】 御我神的镜子Migakamikagami (ミガカミカガミ)
【类型 Type】探索,追逐,血腥,恐怖 puzzle,chasing,gore and horrify
【制作软体】RPG Maker VX
【结局Ending】2 ends






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