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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mcdonald's Coconut Desserts

According to their website, it's been updated on November 2,2016. Before that, i always followed the page/ website whether when will Mcdonald's come out with new products. For just unfollowed a while, i unintentionally saw the product came out as when i accompanied my friend eat Mcdonalds yesterday. I was not prepared to eat any food when i was out yesterday as i had eaten my lunch. Seeing the new products come out and i tell myself i gotta to try it out.

Coconut Caramel Sundae

Coconut Pie

First of all, the coconut caramel sundae is not my favorite. The caramel dosesn't taste like caramel nor gula melaka. For me it just a thickened brown sugar syrup, it doesn't have a strong gula melaka taste. On top of that, it sprinkles with some premade coconut flakes. The combination of vanilla ice-cream and the coconut flakes + caramel is not that really match though. 2 out of 10 if you want me to rate.

Next, the coconut pie tastes a lot better than the coconut caramel sundae. The filling which is actually contained with real coconut flesh. Practically, I was expected it only contains with gluey sugar 'paste' with coconut jelly, but it was not. The taste slightly bland, not that sweet. The crust of the pie with the coconut flesh is tasted great, i will give it 7 out of 10. If you want me comparing among with other pie, Taro pie is my favorite. 

*Not sponsored by Mcdonald's, i just want to post my opinion only. 

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