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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Matcha Swissroll Cake

2 egg yolks
10g sugar
20ml milk (i used whipping cream)
15g vegetable oil
40g low flour
5g matcha powder
10ml hot water
2 egg white
30g sugar

100g whipping cream
2tbsp powdered sugar

  1. Preheat the oven to 180`C. Grease and put parchment paper onto the baking pan.
  2. Make matcha paste. Add in hot water into the match powder and stir. If the paste is too thick, just add in the milk together and set aside. 
  3. Beat the egg yolk with sugar.
  4. Mix in oil + matcha pastes until combined. (If haven't added the milk, should add in this step.)
  5. Sift in low flour and mix thoroughly.
  6. Then, use hand mixer or clean balloon whisk to whip the egg white. When the egg white is foamy, gradually add in sugar. (Separate 3 times in adding the sugar to the egg white.)
  7. Beat the egg white until medium peaks.
  8. Fold in 1/3 egg white into the egg yolk mixture to loosen the batter. Then pour the egg yolk mixture back to the egg white and fold thoroughly/ until the colour is even.
  9. Pour the batter into baking pan and bake for 12-14 mins.
  10. Once done, quickly take out the cake from the baking pan and put onto the baking tray. Let the cake cool completely.
  11. Add powdered sugar into whipping cream and whip the cream. (Do not whip too long or else it will turn into butter. If using hand mixer, make sure to stop when the pattern is out and use balloon whisk until medium-stiff peak. )
  12. Use a new parchment paper, put the cake on it before spreading the cream.
  13. Then, spread a layer of cream onto the cake (from thick to thin), put a line of strawberries on the thick layer side. 
  14. To roll the cake, lift up the parchment paper (from the thick side) roll up the cake.
  15. Use the same parchment paper/ plastic wrap and roll it up the roll cake. Put in fridge to set.
- The cake is sticky once it cooled down. But is fine after fridge.
   - sugar too much?
   - flour not enough?
   - too much liquid?
The thickness and wideness of the cake:

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