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bird cage

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Arashi- [Are You Happy?] Don't You Get It

I really like this style of PV. Look at them seem so fun. It would be weird if you see me when i am watching this. Just laugh throughout the video like 傻笑. A very catch song. Every time watching this pv, it just make me feels that they are so close, like a very close friend. What i am hope right now is if someone could able to  post the pv making. I bet it would be extremely funny. 

Who ever watch the video be sure to watch until the end. This scene is pretty funny. 

Album list:
  1. Drive - supervised by Matsumoto Jun
  2. I Seek
  3. Ups and Downs
  4. Seishun Boogie - supervised by Aiba Masaki
  5. Sunshine (Sakurai Sho solo)
  6. Fukatsu Love
  7. Amore (Aiba Masaki solo)
  8. Bad Boy (Ohno Satoshi solo)
  9. Wonder-love -supervised by Ninomiya Kazunari
  10. Mata Kyou to Onaji Hi ga Kuru (Ninomiya Kazunari solo)
  11. Daylight
  12. Ai wo Sakebe
  13. Baby Blue (Matsumoto Jun solo)
  14. Miles Away - supervised by Ohno Satoshi
  15. To My Homies - supervised by Sakurai Sho
  16. Don't You Get It
  17. Two To Tango

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