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Saturday, July 9, 2016

RECREATE: Soymilk & Matcha Pudding

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As my mom request that she wants to eat pudding, so i used back the previous recipe "matcha pannacotta recipe from cooking with dog" by substituted some of the ingredients. Because i don't have any whipped cream on hand so i just used soymilk instead. The measurement is the same 300ml, however, i used more gelatin powder this time with the increment to 2tsp about 8-10g. So that it won't flat out when taken out from the mold. 

P.S: In this recipe, i use the kitchen scale to weigh my ingredients. I found that my scale was a little bit off. The results arnot equal as my measuring spoons and cause me confuse. The scale showed 5g but i was added for about 1 1/2 tsp. This recipe may exceed or below 10g or so. But still, it still comes out nicely. I'm not sure how much gelatin powder i added. I think i will make it for the third time in order to record the correct measurement.  

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