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bird cage

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mcdonald's food taste test

It's been awhile that i started to buy Mcdonald's pies and ice-creams. Maybe the influence from youtube, i watched many Youtubers do taste test about different foods from around the world. Right now, there is one thing i would like to do is to taste all different menu from McDonald's,except food that contains beef. Mostly, i would choose sweet things in the menu since i have a sweet tooth :p
If you refer to my Instagram  account, you may found out i've been starting this quite awhile for like bubu chacha pie, lychee pie, cendol ice-cream and lychee ice-cream.  

Mango Pie
It tasted like those mango extract that needs to mix with water (Processed juice). Gooey like with add processed coconut jelly cubes in it (not much though). Compare this to lychee pie, this taste better. The lychee pie it just too thick and very sweet. Overall, 6/10. 

Hershey's chocolate Sundae Cone
This is the best ice-cream that i ever taste all over McDonald's ice-creams, of course, vanilla ice-cream place 2nd. It tastes great, except a little expensive. 10/10

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