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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free time for experimenting

While looking for jobs, at the mean time i undergoing a lot of recipe and experiment things here and there. First of all, i love matcha- die hard fan and my mom as well. However, the other family members dislike it. I got a bunch of recipe about matcha and i would like to try it out. Since some of the recipes are kinda hard to make only for two so, i just have to abandon it. 

This is Matcha White Chocolate Lava Cake, it tasted great and sweet but somehow it came out like kaya. Quite thicken. Overall, i like it. 8/10 :)

Let move on to this, steam sponge cake. It basically beat the whole egg and sugar until pale white and double in size, then gently fold in milk+oil and flour. Since this recipe is normally seen to bake, but I'm kinda curious what it's looks like when it get steam.'s pretty good, except it kinda hard to swallow. It's not that dry, though.  6.5/10

Alright, somehow we got a kinda lot of rice here and i'm the person who doesn't like to eat rice as well as my family member. So, it is kinda annoyed that if store it too long, there will be bugs coming out-i'm not sure what the bug call. I try to search recipe that uses rice(as a snack). I found that Japanese snack,'Senbei'-rice cracker, is the best choice to cut off some of the rice. So, i followed the recipe, first time failed. It came out wet and sticky, very hard to eat. Then, the second time i follow my own instinct to change the recipe a bit and able to make this thin rice cracker. If i don't put the honey soy onto it, the taste kinda blends and floury. I'm not liking this so, i give it 3/10. 

This one, i follow the exact the recipe and method, except the kneading process. I found problems with the technique and how long i need to knead. When it fresh bake, it was soft and nice, but after a day it started to dry out. By the way, sifted a little bread flour on top, it is good to make it fancy and good presentation, but the taste is not my fav. 7/10

 Finally, this cake roll was a dissaster. remember previously i mentioned the method to make sponge cake without separate egg yolk and egg white. At first, i beat the egg quite nicely but not the ribbon stage as mentioned on the website, and i kinda substituted milk for plain yogurt. Besides, maybe i put too much of flour, so the egg batter started to deflate and the cake came out pretty dry and flaky. However, the cranberry jam + water and spread over the cake were a big help to moist the cake. In the end, it doesn't taste that bad but not a good cake either. Overall, 6/10

Finally, white and milk chocolate cupcake. I didn't follow the recipe, i just put this and that and mix. So, the cupcake came out quite dense but quite tasty. Overall, 7.5/10.

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