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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chocolate chiffon cake

One day, i was watching some youtuber in baking cake and stuff. Looking for the recommendation video and i found a Japanese lady teach how to make the cake roll. Then from her channel, i was able to know this recipe as well and i found i was easy to make so, i decided to make one myself. Throughout the video, she speaks in Japanese, I'm not 100% sure what she talks about. Anyway, i just follow her action step by step and finally the result came out as below. P.S: the recipe is for matcha, i just change it to cocoa powder. 

Since, i don't have any chiffon cake mold. Therefore, i used double layer aluminum foil and fold into a cylinder shape.Then cut out 7 inch round parchment paper, cut a cross at the centre so that the aluminium foil is able to fit inside the hole. The purpose is to prevent stick at the bottom in which might be hard to take out as it is not a springform pan. Basic idea as below:

I kinda miscalculate the centre, anyway it still fine even a little bit off from the centre.

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