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bird cage

Thursday, June 2, 2016

My baking journey

From now on, i may updates my baking process, experiment as well as the results here as a type of my dairy. Actually, i had started to update some recipe in previous posts (mostly turned out badly). You know how lazy i am to even type and upload a photo to my computer and from time to time i have given up to post it as a blog.

I get to interest in baking for at least four years from then. Ever since my parents, my brother, and relatives are the types who thinks getting a certificate in higher education is much more easy for me to get a job in future and thus, i stop my dream to pursue in patissier and went on to the road that they told me to. Of course until the end of my education, i still feel confuse and unhappy for exactly what i should do after that. However, during my college life, i still invest slowly into baking tools and learn how to bake.

From what i walk to the path until now, there is something i am grateful of but also at the same time i feel hollow deep inside my heart. I dont know if i'm getting depression but i feel unconfident and those unpleasant feeling throughout my life like those symptoms just describe as from the others. I always think, what if from that time i change the path, i walk to the other direction, would be my life right now will also change? or even feel with depression? I don't know.

Well, putting those negative thought aside. From this blog, please don't expect it would be as any other food journal or cooking/baking journal. Throughout this blog and the recipe, i post mostly will turn out odd and fail. Because this is where my baking journey start (actually i started a long time ago). So, this is the stage where i try to explore and experiment on how to cook or bake. I always went through difficult in making any of this, it always turned out imperfect and failed. Even so, i will still try to keep explore and experiment in order to fulfill my passion for food and dessert. :)

*P.S to me: just dont suddenly stop writing this journey!

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