bird cage

bird cage

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fan girl-ling here!

Starting from 18 y.o i used to listen to visual kei music, but of course because of my cousin influences i also like Hey Say Jump.

Each type of music, the band, the group I manage to listen up to half year. Except for this group idol.  It is rarely see much how good their relationship are in a group of people. Bur Arashi is different.
All i can say they are unique. It almost been a year since i listen to their music and i still keep listening until today.

I'm really admire them as how well they get along together, their song, their lyrics fill with 愛、仲間、友達。You will feels楽し joyful while watching their concert. It was so awesome. .This is why i like their music. If u know them well u can feel how much they work hard on their role. 


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