bird cage

bird cage

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Langkawi 2011 & 2014

Memories were back when look through again those pic from Langkawi. The past of me was a girl with curly short hair and pimple around the face. Clearly u can c the now of me had a lot of change. It is funny to look back those pic of mine. I was so look like vietnamese or thailand maid. Thats y I've been carefully take care  my face in order to not look like past.(i dunno if i did it though).

 For so many years i keep saying to myself i need keep fit but until now i still havent to achieve yet. Try to keep b4 but still cant get rid of snack-chocolate especially. Im not sure when the day will come...
Anyway, i will still try my best though.

#top 2011, below 2014.  With the gap of 3 years, c the differences? (-0 w 0-)

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