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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Langkawi trip 2014

Ahhh~ Im kinda miss this trip. It was fun and nice to go with them. At first i was so resist to go to Langkawi because 1.i went there before, 2.they've planned too expensive 3.i dun felt like i want to waste that much money. And yet, after coming back to KL, im kinda miss the environment there. It was too relax and refresh like i can stay there forever.

I didnt expected they were this dependable. My eyes like O.O guys rent a car and drove by ourselves to go anywhere we want. It was new experience for me though. Some more guys really take care of girls ^^. I gotta said they quite gentlemen.

It was kinda unlucky because we had been got wet because of rain. Some other places cant go or jz stay for only a short period. Besides, it was very very cold as there was not hot water at the first. My others fz was lucky enough too bath hot water but not me since the heater somewhere went wrong. >.<

We've got quite a lot of souvenir back from Langkawi. Of course u know are chocolate and alcohol but sorry u are wrong. It is bruise, wound and muscle pain. We had playing 'catch the monkey' at the beach since it was too intense most of us felt down and got scratch from the sand. Fortunately, i got minor injury but my other 2 fz got hurt quite seriously. Overall, it was quite enjoy to play with.

Langkawi good at what? it good at alcohol ad chocolate (some)sell in cheap what we do was every night drank a few bottle of alcohol before sleep. Playing and having fun with fz at the last night was an unforgettable night for me. Sit all together play with each others taking pictures, watching those 'drunker' how they react. Haha, laughing non-stop.

Other than that, memories get back when i passing the road that i had went before. All those memories flow back and getting complicated feelings. Anyway each trip has it own excitement. Although same place but go with different people is different experiences.

Well, I am so grateful i got to join them in this trip. We have quite a people didnt continue their degree and this was my last day seeing them, Hope we are able to keep contact in future.

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