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bird cage

Monday, August 18, 2014

who is beside you?

I don't know have you ever feel alone even you are with friends.

Lets just say who is the most important to your friend- phone or you.
Basically he or she will choose phone, duh!
How powerful mobile phone have become one of the important thing in our life nowadays like u can't lose it as it is your most love person.
You see, for me, about 80% of my friends are those who see their mobile phone as a baby. Every moment must have a look to them. Every times, phone, phone and phone.

I mean whut!?

Hey, lets just make things clear. I've been told to accompany you or some event like we both together for instance shopping. And yup, along the you were chatting with others through phone. Thanks to you all the way long  most of the time i feel like i was an invisible person.
Hello! i'm here? Can u see me? Can u hear me?
I just don't understand, a person who sit beside you (n i didnt even take out my phone to chat we others) why can't you just put down your phone and enjoy our hangout or whatever.
Isit my problem or you people like to do many things at a time?
Do you know how i feel  as someone else was actually sit besides me? All the way i felt was walking by myself except there is a person like following you. Look, people born does not act to be your bodyguard. I know human are selfish but you also has feeling too, why would you do so?

What? im too boring and is my fault who doesn't have any friends or things to do with the phone? Oh, im sorry about that. At least i know how to treat people, not like you!

Guys please la, don't just keep chatting with others friends  through phone/ stare at the phone like it was gonna dead. Shows some respect and care for the person who sits beside you. Stop letting them to feel alone. Otherwise, what is the point to hangout together...

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