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bird cage

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dear haters

i don't know you hate me or not but u probably will....i think?

So, the story begin with this.
Every time when the 'exam season' started people will gonna prepare note for the exam, including me. Then, there is a few people who will COPY/TAKE other people's note as their note for the exam.

Wow! what a SMART person isn't it?

Who is the victim? The answer is the one who always 'look' hardworking, duh! I mean WTH? Okay, at here i must declare 1 thing- I am willing to share my note with others. You see when u don't share things with your friends they see you as an arrogant and a stingy person. I don't like how people looks me like that especially my friends. Hey, let me ask you one thing, do you like others people take your work and don't even work with themselves. So all your hard work finding answer here and there and they doing the opposite way of you.

Let me tell you, no one, except there is some problem with you. If you say sharing is caring. Well don't include me, i'm not the one. Look, if that the person who been searching for the answer even a little bit but still can't find any clue of it, i WILL HELP! Don't just ever and always give me a sentence : "Hey yuna, after finding all the answers send to me ok"?

I wish i could bravely say this to you : "OK YOUR HEAD"! Why don't you jz say this to your lecturer? Isn't they always have the correct answers, why don't you just beg them to give u? your ass@#$%^&!

I don't like people behave like that, why? Jz take out a little bit of time to copy & paste the answer only how hard is it? Well.... the hard part is that you need to  C&P from different website/ the right answer. Said all this rubbish still isn't express my point clearly.

What my point writing this shit is "Get a life man, stop being lazy and get your ass up to work"!

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