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Sunday, June 29, 2014

coffee jelly chocolate cake (1/2 FAILED)

A stupid combination of my recipe + others ppl recipe

@Cake : Chocolate steam cake
150g butter
130g sugar
200ml chocolate milk
3 cubes of baking chocolate
2 egg
1 tbsp condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
50g low-protein flour
50g tepung gandum (all-purpose)
30g Cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda

1) Butter + sugar + chocolate milk + Chocolate cube, used double boiling water to melt. Set aside& let it cool.
2) Flour + Cocoa powder + baking powder&soda, sifted.
3) Another bowl whisk egg + condensed milk + vanilla essence.
4) 3 slowly added and whisk into 1.
5) 2 divided 2 times added into 4 .
6) Grease the baking pan with vegetable oil, then 5 pour into the baking pan.
7) Cover with aluminium foil to prevent water dripping into the cake.
8) Let it steam for 45 minutes.
9) Let it cool and slice into 3 pieces.

Original from :
班兰汁 675g(班兰叶 10片 + 清水 600g搅拌后滤渣挤出)
糖 150g
燕菜粉 10g(一包)
椰浆 400g(可用盒装或新鲜的)
绿豆粉 75g

1. 将班兰汁、糖与燕菜粉放入一个盘内搅拌均匀备用。
2. 将椰浆与绿豆粉放入另一个盘内搅拌均匀备用。
3. 将班兰汁放到炉上重活煮滚后,关小火。
4. 将椰浆一边过滤一边倒入班兰汁内,用小火煮至浓稠状即可熄火备用。

@Jelly part
Substitute with coffee instead of pandan
#  2 pac of Nescafe original 3in1
#  satan --->  milk
1. 600g of water + 2 pac coffee powder + agar-agar powder (1 pac=10g) put into a boil.
2. 75g Green pea powder + 400ml milk mix.
3. sift 2 mixture into 1, slowly stir in low heat until thick consistency.

@Whole cake:
1. Pour jelly mixture for the lst layer at the bottom, then place 1 piece of cake
2. Continue with the same steps.
3. Put in fridge set for at least 4 hours.

1.cake to soft/wet. Flour can be add more or vise versa
2.I think the green pea powder went wrong which i bought it wrong so it taste kinda weird.Since it says tepung kacang 'goreng' ( i didnt notice coz i only read the chinese words)
3. The green pea powder does not dissolve into the milk or maybe i used cold milk so it doesn't disslove.

P.S : Anyway this stupid self combination is not bad at all except the appearance, at least it still edible though. O.olll
I give if 5 choco out of 10. :p

Monday, June 23, 2014

basic chocolate cake(failed)

(original, from : )
蛋黄 3颗
牛奶 55g
植物油 45g

低筋面粉 65g
香草精 1tsp
蛋白 3颗
糖 65g


1. 将蛋黄放入盘内搅拌均匀,加入植物油搅拌均匀。
2. 然后加入牛奶搅拌,再放入香草精拌匀。
3. 最后加入过筛后的低筋面粉搅拌均匀。
4. 将蛋白加入塔塔粉和分三次加入糖,打至硬性发泡。
4. 取1/3的蛋白霜与蛋黄糊混合,然后将蛋黄糊倒入剩余的蛋白霜内混合均匀后,加入橙皮削继续拌均匀。
5. 将面糊倒入模具。
5. 预热烤箱。170度烤40分钟。
6. 烤好后马上倒扣待凉即可脱模。

i substitute:
 1)milk with chocolate milk
2)55g of low-protein flour + 10g cocoa powder
3) added 1 cube chocolate(optional)

problem (i think):
1. egg white had not reach to hard peak, need to whip longer
2.batter too wet.

Monday, June 2, 2014


It is just simple as u can make one for yourself in a quick time.

Pre-make puff pastry

1.scatter a few amount of sugar on your working place (prevent sticky) then scatter sugar to the pre-make puff pastry, press lightly onto it. Make it on both side. *jz put the amount u like until sugar is spread even on puff pastry. But dun be cheap of your sugar bcoz sugar will melt and  will lighten up the taste.
2. Fold both side until they meet to the center.
3. Then fold one side to the other side like the draft below.
4. Last, slice them up (about 1cm). Line up in your baking tray.
5. Refrigerate about 15 minutes before put it into the oven.
6. Preheat oven 180'C, bake about 10min for one side then flip it over and bake another 10 min.

PS: i dun follow much from the recipe(youtube or google) i jz went to the flow as i was bake.