bird cage

bird cage

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


10 December 2013

Two of my fz got birthday in November, so i decided to make them cupcakes.
N i needs to apologize that, well the cakes turned out no really good but i really hope that both of u will like it.
I'll be improve for baking my  next cake.

We went to台风 for steamboat, im kinda like the environment, especially outside the restaurant, it was a nice place for a group of fz chatting n eating there.
The food was delicious, n the fruit beer, my favorites ∩__∩ if i go to Taiwan I'll sure buy a box of fruit beer n drink '99' XD

Ah~~~feel so relaxed n wanted to stay longer~ (︶-︶)
how awesome is that if my house has '楼台'.

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