bird cage

bird cage

Friday, December 6, 2013


Dude, i trust u bcoz we r fz.
Im really an idiot,
I treat ppl as fz, but ppl treat me as "benefits".
My mouth said "whatever/is ok" but deep inside me, im actually care.
Why m i being so kind to ppl? What for?i don't deserve like this?!
So, too care for ppl, too kind to ppl.…
Is it really a matter?
N y do i always get used by ppl?

Oh man, im really tired in this social life, im too much care for what ppl look at me. I think i noe wht should do next.

this lessons tell me dun trust ppl easily n dun be kind.
More importantly be smart, im to stupid to deal with ppl…im such a failure!(*>.<*)
But~~~ i will learn…

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