bird cage

bird cage

Monday, October 14, 2013

Singing competition

Saturday morning, i accompanied my fz for her singing audition.(timesquare Malaysia)
Well, she……better not to say it.

After the audition we went to eat n last we go to sing k (Karaoke) for the purpose of her practice....
I wasn't sang a lot, coz i only knew a few of Cantonese song n most of the time was giving her practiced.

Guess what they finally updated Japanese song. Last time, i didn't go too much to karaoke bcoz of tht, since they updated so next time ppl invite me i might join.^_^
I chose a lot of heysayjump's song but most of them doesn't hav romanji so in the end i still dun hav the chances to sing.
I was happy tht they hav Vivid's song but…its only 1 song 'answer'…Haih……too new for me though..~_~

*yupp i m a fan girl to hey say jump, (recently)~(='ω'=)~

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