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bird cage

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chocolate cupcakes/muffins

Well, it supposed should be cupcakes but for some reasons it turned into muffins.o_O

I am the 1 who dun like follow the instructions, all i do is jz predict. Be more precisely, im jz being lazy.ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)
But there're  also a few reasons why i always failed to bake. 1st,my old oven has something problem in it but it still can be used. 2nd , i dun hav electrical measurement for some grams things n i jz hav to use my prediction. Although it turn out something different but the tastes doesn't turned bad..still acceptable.

Lets talk about the problem of this cake. 1st, the cake kinda over baked bcoz it taste a bit stiff. Next, temperature problem i think, it too hot so it pop out like volcano. About the frosting, it too runny even though i put a lot of icing sugar. Maybe i put too little butter in it so it doesn't hold it shape.

There so many problem in this cake, but at least it still taste good n chocolaty {i put a lot of cocoa powder n chocolate}.(=θωθ=)

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