bird cage

bird cage

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


我越来越觉得我像“叶家” 的助理!
最讨厌的是,每次去打customer service都会叫你选`bahasa Malaysia,press 1………’。TM口!╰_╯有时侯它的选择项目跟我想要问的问题有点出入。真的不懂要选哪一个才好(我知道我很笨(*>.<*))!
X3小声,有时侯真的听不懂他说什么 而且自己的听力又不是那么好,所以我宁愿e-mail给他好过打电话(如果不急着处理的话,e-mail 是最好的方法了)。>"<|||
每次去打电话去追问this n that,像是帮老板做琐碎的东西,你说想不想助理?
别忘了我家小弟,他还不时没做家务,只是每天跑出去他朋友那里,然后看我每天待在家里就说我懒惰,没用,什么都不做。◑︿◐ 抹地板,折纸衣服那些是什么?谁做的?鬼做的吗?::>_<:: 真是气死人!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

bake mango cheesecake

bcoz i'm too lazy to clean the knife, all the cheesecake slices.... kinda dirty.......ahehe.........↖( ̄▽ ̄")

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

cooking / baking

Since my holidays coming soon, so i might cook or bake food everyday....
please look forward....

Today's menu is....马来糕!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Ekhem………不好意思其实今天只是吃太多 curry 类似的食物而得到的灵感和感想而已, nothing particular i wanna talk about...↖( ̄▽ ̄")


Thursday, July 18, 2013


1st time ever getting inject HPV....
n of going with my fz...
i'll never go alone... for some reason.
It is kinda pain though.
In the morning, although it feels pain but i still can move my arm.
right now i can't even lift up my hand .::>_<::
How disasters it gonna be!..(neh...not really)
i feels a bit numb when i wants to lift up my hand...So………is this the common things to happen? (*@?@*)
And.....there's still have 2 more injection to go..!!!OMG!...

Im not good in explaining things......
if u want to know what is HPV from the internet...there are a lot information.....
My advice, girls should take the hpv vaccine..... is good for u....seriously...◑__◐

『☆Eh.....once again,who am i talking to?』⊙_⊙!?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

college life; my problem

This is about a guy who was my classmate during standard 2. Well, i dun remembered much of him since it was long time ago.I met him again was last year when i started my 1st day at college.... About this guy...he got a disease called "NARCISSISM"
=.=! wht a poor guy...(︶^︶)∴joking
He's indeed a funny guy tht could make peoples laugh but sometimes he so annoyed,
always said : dun fall in love with him....(he also talk to others like this)
i mean WHAAAT! .  .@_@ =.= x2
i'm so speechless. I wish to argue back but whenever in talks i always lose.(ㄒoㄒ)so be quiet better.
About today incident, it was so funny bcoz he n 1 of my fz done something gay....then i had observed a student stared at them....i was thinking ,is he think they are gay?...then,i laugh out loud. XD.....★guys dun do in public!
However i'm truly glad to study here even though it is not a better college, but i meet them, i make a lot of fz here ^^. ..
Ever since i started my college i finally get use to talk to guys(classmates) yet im still dun talk much to stranger especially guys, i even try to avoid them.....when i was form 1 i dun talk much to guys until form 5...if u r my fz u'll c i always
stick to girls more.
Lately. ...i was searching the problem why i scare to talk to guys...
I think it started when i was standard 6. There was a talks that involved the whole standard 6. I remembered during the talks my fz ask me something....then the speaker called us to stand up (it was kinda fish u noe)....For that incident i really 'beh song!' .....coz after the talk we went back to our class....n both of us get scold again!...Whaaat!. .
it was not my fault!......dun blame me bcoz of that.!!!
now i'm hardly face in front of stranger. I think nobody noe bcoz i'm trying my best  to talk to them *only when my fz r beside me, when i alone i stay quiet even i recognize he/she(so so only).That's why ppl always think that i'm act cool. Not just that...b4 i was standard 6 i'm a tomboy,i make fun of ppl, i play with boys, fight with,ppl always said i'm too quiet, too 'yasashi'....actually im not!It was way too different from now n i actually change?

★im still not sure is this causing me this problem but....i will try my best to overcome.....(°ο°)_o/`


我要减肥 。

↖( ̄▽ ̄")


Thursday, July 11, 2013


my first time interview was suck! even though it jz a test......not the real 1.
Actually it was my faults that i did not prepare well for it.
i'm kinda glad tat he didn't ask me much question but those he ask were a little bit hard...
i felt something wrong with me because i was like a cassette tape
.....a broken 1,i keep saying the same things n words..
If is real,i dun think he will hire me....
Argh .....i'm such an idiot