bird cage

bird cage

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

kl trip…Again…

another trip in kl....again…
These time,
kinda felt ridiculous bcz we had driving for 3hours jz in K.L.
U c,
The first place was jz went to jusco for swimsuit.
But, it was too early to end our gathering,
So i suggested go to kepong "yao che hor".
We were arrived to kepong.For some reason, we reached to batu cave for the next second .
then from there drove to ampang → bukit jalil → bandar tasik selatan → jln tun razak → cempaka,& last our home.
At here i should be impressive to myself..
What a noob at driving..【i'm talking to myself.,】
∴i noe...u r shaking yr head right now.
It seem like we aren't kl ppl but a kampung ppl…LOL!!//(ㄒoㄒ)//
What a funny joke made by us today .


★i hav to say sorry to my fz. Pls forgive me. i may said some harsh things to u guys...n i am sorry about that. It was a part of my fault too..i am the driver but keep made a lot of mistake n i do not intended to blame on u guys. I am so sorry.

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