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bird cage

Monday, December 30, 2013

Penang trip 2013

First of all, to 70s & 80s elder: who said girls cant go for a trip? Well, i'm agree with that bcoz it still kinda dangerous, but hey we made it safe n sound! Jz three girls to penang for 3days &2nights.
I think it was a nice experienced for us to deal things on our owns but not in group which we have not to deal with other opinions to do things that we don't like. There were certain goods n bad in the trip however this was what we call memories. At here i really like to thank to my both fz's mom bcz from the trip there were being worry them by keeping track on them until they found out they were safe. <not like my mom, i dun even receive a single call>so, should i be happy or sad?Oh well it is her pattern not to care anything except those important 'case' happen.

Lets back to the story, from my opinion i thinks Georgetown,penang this city is like 90s n 20s earlier century. U know why?I don't know if we were mistaken or went to the wrong places, it seems there so alike '朝九晚五' means work on 9am n back by 5pm. I don't really get it! We walk around (15-30min from lebuh acheh) it was dark n almost 90% shop are closed. I remembered clearly, we jz went back from escape theme park n of coz we were so hungry n tired we jz want to find cheaper food to dine in yet there were none. The only restaurant we saw was 'mamak' / indian restaurant. The part of our mission to penang was get there n eat local food but what we actually eat can also be find at KL.  Haa..funny....

Yeah.....we still got to eat cendol, char koay kak n wantan mee but still penang laksa n rojak we still havent eat!I had plan every thing(or may not) but not getting help anyway. Oh yea, forgot to mention one thing it was funny though we were planed to go for pasar malam however we had went to pasar pagi....O.O? Talking about this, i'm kinda really mad i told the driver we wanted to go to Thean Teik pasar malam on thursday n the driver said it was inside. I know it was a bit earlier to go there but i've asked the local people what they said was Thean teik pm = Farlim pm(on wed) WTH!? were we been tricked? HUH....How come some blogger written those 2 pm r separately?
Lastly, the overall trip was keep walking, walking n walking.
Enough with all those rubbish. Lets look to the picture that i've caught ^_^
 These two little piggy girls were my trip companion ^_^
 some of the art were destroyed.
 these were the food we only been ate.

haha, my temple, .....neh...jz joking

balai bomba 

 Their 鸡仔饼,椰子tart,n 太阳饼 really nice to eat
the 鸡蛋糕 dip to milo is my fav ^.^

look this 2 playful girls....
unfortunately there are some pics i cant upload(too lag n slow)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Comic fiesta 2013

Unfortunately, I was only went for day 1, i was there bcoz, i wanted to meet yuegene fay!! Kya!!~ too bad didn't able to buy her posters n get sign by her (T3T)
She so gorgeous, n kakoii~ i hope she can come to Malaysia next year as well as stayxxx .
i really wish to meet with stayxxx but that day 冬至 so couldn't go..◑︿◐

From wht i saw at day 1 , there actually quite less cosplay than last year. Not many ppl cos, why?

Saturday, December 14, 2013


假期mood on 了,自然想做很多东西。

可是那个不是现在家里最需要的东西。 (> ~ <)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


10 December 2013

Two of my fz got birthday in November, so i decided to make them cupcakes.
N i needs to apologize that, well the cakes turned out no really good but i really hope that both of u will like it.
I'll be improve for baking my  next cake.

We went to台风 for steamboat, im kinda like the environment, especially outside the restaurant, it was a nice place for a group of fz chatting n eating there.
The food was delicious, n the fruit beer, my favorites ∩__∩ if i go to Taiwan I'll sure buy a box of fruit beer n drink '99' XD

Ah~~~feel so relaxed n wanted to stay longer~ (︶-︶)
how awesome is that if my house has '楼台'.

Making birthday cupcakes

9 December 2013

I was invited one of my fz to my house try to make cupcakes to my the others.

It was fun making cakes,decorating…
Well, although it turned out not so what i really expected but i really hopes they'll like it.

N there r left some of the buttercreams so we tried add some of the flour to c whether it turns out great or not, but in the end it still a failure to turn out as biscuits.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Dude, i trust u bcoz we r fz.
Im really an idiot,
I treat ppl as fz, but ppl treat me as "benefits".
My mouth said "whatever/is ok" but deep inside me, im actually care.
Why m i being so kind to ppl? What for?i don't deserve like this?!
So, too care for ppl, too kind to ppl.…
Is it really a matter?
N y do i always get used by ppl?

Oh man, im really tired in this social life, im too much care for what ppl look at me. I think i noe wht should do next.

this lessons tell me dun trust ppl easily n dun be kind.
More importantly be smart, im to stupid to deal with ppl…im such a failure!(*>.<*)
But~~~ i will learn…


其实你们啊~ 如果你们不讲的话,他就不会搭话,而我更不会overreact!
Haiz, 说真的我的反应蛮像真的是暗恋/喜欢你似的。
有的朋友看似朋友可是有时就像陌生。我真的很想要有像电影般的情节拥有那种 死党的关系~可惜我样子就很凶的,没办法 ~~~ 其他的虽是朋友可是通常一没话题就在那边静静的。
感觉很尴尬。尤其搭同辆 lrt 是跟显示那种尴尬的气氛。


我的个案就像是 “watashi sei.. "(忘了)里面的 tomoko. 我觉得我跟她有些地方还蛮像的。你看了或许会明白吧。


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cheer up

心里面有很多 OS 很想说出来,

最近都很不开心,not everyday though.
i feel im such pathetic.
我问她可以用剩余的鸡汤煲粥,她就。。。。详细不讲, 不过听了那句
“不如吃屎啦” 我震撼了!!⊙_⊙
什么嘛,人家肠胃不舒服只想吃白粥而已, 对我承认我贪吃,我的错,可是你也不用这样讲 啊 。T_T
其实我对每一句话都很 sensitive的咯!

Y no 1 care about me?::>_<::

Dakara… im a tough girl!
Shinpai suru na…

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chocolate molten cake

It was success though,
but i forgot to take picture so below pic was what i reheat too long in microwave so it doesn't has the lava effect..

the recipe i refer from

Singing competition

Saturday morning, i accompanied my fz for her singing audition.(timesquare Malaysia)
Well, she……better not to say it.

After the audition we went to eat n last we go to sing k (Karaoke) for the purpose of her practice....
I wasn't sang a lot, coz i only knew a few of Cantonese song n most of the time was giving her practiced.

Guess what they finally updated Japanese song. Last time, i didn't go too much to karaoke bcoz of tht, since they updated so next time ppl invite me i might join.^_^
I chose a lot of heysayjump's song but most of them doesn't hav romanji so in the end i still dun hav the chances to sing.
I was happy tht they hav Vivid's song but…its only 1 song 'answer'…Haih……too new for me though..~_~

*yupp i m a fan girl to hey say jump, (recently)~(='ω'=)~

Thursday, October 10, 2013


M i look mature when i wearing glasses?

Well, I only be able to put on glasses by edit bcoz i dun hav “山根” i supposed so it is hard for me to wear it ...
Especially those 3D glasses... T~T thts y i dun like to pick on those movie with 3D!!!

Sometimes glasses r cool..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Yesterday on my presentation,
i didn't even noticed i talk so loud.
M i?
If u've been noticed lately im kinda talk very loud, u c when i was in high school ppl always said to me, im so quiet n low in voice.
N therefore i try to speak louder...

Me for myself i didn't even noticed once until others told me but 1 thing i noe is tht when im agitated i'll sure speak out loud..... n i dunno y? ←_←?

I told myself to control my emotion but still i can't, it so uncontrollable...

Guys, sorry for my lousy n annoying sound... i can't help, gaman shite ne~~