bird cage

bird cage

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Miss the old days /Cosplay

After finish our secondary school life,
We all had been separated.
I really miss the old days with my friends,
especially miss my piggy family's members.
Those days we study together & tuition together,
I've had enjoyed the most times were,when we lunch together.
It is so memorable.
I must treasure it in my deep heart.
Guys!i really really miss u all so much!!!I really wish we can study together(well it is impossible)
Anyway hope u guys doing well in yr study & take care of yr body as well -^w-^

Everytime i saw people post their cosplay into FB,
I'm envious,
I really want to try cosplay once .XP is quite impossible for me.
Some cosplayers are really cool,
especially boys,
some really look like anime..
O.O Wow,their make up skill,body shape,so amazing!
Girls also,so beautiful!
I hav c some people cosplay(pic only)
Hmm....not really good though but they brave to face in front of people.
For me,neh...i'm too timid,too shy..
I wonder how one day if i really participate cosplay competition.

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