bird cage

bird cage

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Time pass fast,
so miss my school days.
it's been a month that i hav not see my friend,
And i hav been a month staying at home& never walk out.
I think i become one of the OTAKU.^^
Well,aunty,cousin even my mum nagging me all the month.
Huh,this is my fault too,the whole holiday i didn't go find a job,
whole holiday laying around like a lazy pig.
^^,well this is me( a lazy pig).
2more days(release spm result),
of coz now suferring with scare n nervous,
somemore it is a chance for me meet my all fz.
Dunno why i had a feelling now all of them will may not attend tht day,
After tht,soon i will begin my college life,
Hmmm....wht will it be... my future?
no ones noe..^^

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