bird cage

bird cage

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Painting

When i'm boring till death i end up like doing this,
Sunset and sunrise,
look like  a 5-10year old kid painting Huh?
I mean what i did?it really suck...
My mum saying me am i still a kid...
Well i admit my drawing like 10 year old kid...HAHA..^^
This creation was my second time.
The first time i drew was 2years ago same as this 2
I was helping my mum paint the dirty white box(cover the brown dot)
The first creation was beautiful.
But it was to wrap the present.
I wish i can get back the box(not the present) tht i drew on it. is impossible thing...

I think i need to practice more on painting,
So i can prevent me paint some ridiculous things like this again.

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