bird cage

bird cage

Saturday, March 31, 2012

My mouth N Cake

Huuh -.-
Lately.....Why does so many people in my fb love to post FOOD.
Especially cake,chocolate cake.
It make me felt hungry.>.<
By the way,I can't open my mouth wider suddenly.....T^T
How could this happen to me..O_O'''
Now having problem when eating..T_T SAD....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My result

Haiz....well average,huh....quite disappoint


10 more minute i've to go to school and take my SPM RESULT.
OH God!I"m dead this time,
I admit this time i didnt do well in exam.
T^T Later back home bro n mum sure will say
:"C yr result.........and blah blah blah.."
Haiz...even i dun hav an A but at least get an average result,
tht also ok too.....T_T
Haah...pls god bless me...TQ^^'''
And wish other spm student get a good result.
God Bless!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Time pass fast,
so miss my school days.
it's been a month that i hav not see my friend,
And i hav been a month staying at home& never walk out.
I think i become one of the OTAKU.^^
Well,aunty,cousin even my mum nagging me all the month.
Huh,this is my fault too,the whole holiday i didn't go find a job,
whole holiday laying around like a lazy pig.
^^,well this is me( a lazy pig).
2more days(release spm result),
of coz now suferring with scare n nervous,
somemore it is a chance for me meet my all fz.
Dunno why i had a feelling now all of them will may not attend tht day,
After tht,soon i will begin my college life,
Hmmm....wht will it be... my future?
no ones noe..^^

Thursday, March 15, 2012

SPM Result,Ahhhhh!!!

Oh no!!!SPM result release date getting nearer and near,
I'm start getting nervous,scare.
>< What should i do,
i'm not doing well in exam,
I think i gonna scold by someone....T^T
Come to think of it,
i really less study at tht time,
Half day playing comp,late night study.
OMG!!!!wht result will i get...nervous.....><

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Painting

When i'm boring till death i end up like doing this,
Sunset and sunrise,
look like  a 5-10year old kid painting Huh?
I mean what i did?it really suck...
My mum saying me am i still a kid...
Well i admit my drawing like 10 year old kid...HAHA..^^
This creation was my second time.
The first time i drew was 2years ago same as this 2
I was helping my mum paint the dirty white box(cover the brown dot)
The first creation was beautiful.
But it was to wrap the present.
I wish i can get back the box(not the present) tht i drew on it. is impossible thing...

I think i need to practice more on painting,
So i can prevent me paint some ridiculous things like this again.