bird cage

bird cage

Sunday, October 30, 2011


so yummy till my fei zhu lam yok come out...T^T ><


Just eat dinner with my piggy...
So fun..
All look so sunny and HOT!!
Today,i mean yesterday(jz over 12) thts a long time i do not have this steamboat feels,it is so great
I'm really need thanks to nicole's mum for prepare our food...
ANd of coz...happy birthday nicole!!^^(even though yr bday haven't arrive)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad Mood

I'm no longer can endure with them...UH.....
I don't like the way they're disgusting
Really beh tahan..><
Hate them so much,they're so irresponsible,unthinkable,idiot!!
I'm so regret that day what i'd chosen my own path way...
now my life just like a piece of shit!!!..T^T..>.<
HAIz...god bless me....

Vuan YEE's Bday

Sorry!!to late post.