bird cage

bird cage

Friday, October 1, 2010

Our drama's decoration

Chu chu..jing gong jing gong

The key,the key?

Which key?whose key?what key?

Gues who clot?

The view from skul at 5th floor

My phone so dark ,it suppose..more beutiful..

PL help us change stlye

My hair!

All sleeping n reading

Wow cool man!

They all playing game in bilik bahasa

Both of u ..haiz..wht so curious about wor?

The wall of the restaurant


Wht thing make u so curious?

Playing killng..xD

Drinking water?

My food,forgot to take pic..

Yay!the food coming..

Got a bit like it?

Playing iphone..(not me)

Cute face

Waiting the

On the way going to vaun yee house

In vaun yee's nice