bird cage

bird cage

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm hating myself....even more hate then anyone..
actually,all this time i knew it .
From your look...
Yr attitude...
You are becoming hate me..
Of course,i noe why u hate me(maybe)
even though u're not talking to me,i know it..
recently,my attitude,or anything else,was....
BAD...not just bad more even worse.
i like to change the way of my past
but i think, i was fail
now to think of it
i think i have to keep quiet once again..
alone more suit me..
more u with me more u found my weakness and (hateness)
i wish i wasn't born in this world
i hate people...soredomo people hates me
if i can choose
i think
i won't choose to be human..
i rather to become an animal..or anything else
(please don't think i'm gonna go die,i won't do such thing)

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