bird cage

bird cage

Friday, August 27, 2010

Am i a weirdo?

These day i found tht i'm like a weirdo i??? bus saw my friend's fz..then say hi....tht person maybe thinks i'm weird...cuz i dunno y i suddenly ask he'y u dun have go tuiton' stupid not tht he knows me....y do he have to tell me..his expression..."har??"...haha....after i ask tht..i suddnely quiet...cuz i noe i'm asking a stupid so funny....==lll
not just tht...this year n last year,my acting was dosen't like me at these day ,when i'm talking with people i felt tht my speech was shooting someone my speech got arrow...
was i'm thinking too much??....i always felt something..(peopls's heart)(secret)

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