bird cage

bird cage

Saturday, January 30, 2010

JAN 30 part one

Today,i suppose wake up early but to lazy wake up then i slept back..^^HAhA lazy pig..11.45 i woke up,i woke up at tht time cuz i want play computer but my bro woke up faster then me..haiz.....shuan le..let him play lo....after tht my father n mum came to Cheras to go Kepong...erm...y go kepong????me also dunno haha(==lll).....later makan at agong jia(in kepong,my grandpa's house)then we go brand mall go gai there buy not many things..then want go back home 的时候we, saw a group og young men n women there 表演舞狮..haiz too bad, my hp dun hav video,soo can't record, only take a pic...

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