bird cage

bird cage

Saturday, January 30, 2010

JAN 30 part two

About 12.00p.m. bcuz my big bro playing computer, n i'm very very very very very boring so i take a photo from my little bear...-^w^-

JAN 30 part one

Today,i suppose wake up early but to lazy wake up then i slept back..^^HAhA lazy pig..11.45 i woke up,i woke up at tht time cuz i want play computer but my bro woke up faster then me..haiz.....shuan le..let him play lo....after tht my father n mum came to Cheras to go Kepong...erm...y go kepong????me also dunno haha(==lll).....later makan at agong jia(in kepong,my grandpa's house)then we go brand mall go gai there buy not many things..then want go back home 的时候we, saw a group og young men n women there 表演舞狮..haiz too bad, my hp dun hav video,soo can't record, only take a pic...

Friday, January 29, 2010

JAN 29

This morning,i 遇到one scary thing in my room...not very scary la...when i got to my 衣橱 to take my skul uniform,then i saw a shadow 'like'walk by behind of scary,then i go to bed to sleep for awhile...after a few minute,i heard a sound like a lady sound just for awhile then hilang...i was 被吓倒,but i dun hav quick leave the romm..haha.....i go to sikat my hair..(zha dao) Mr.Ong 退休...T.T5555..quite不舍得 Hanipah speech..macam cakap Ong mao mati liao...cuz she said"siapa yang berasa dendam dgn Mr.Ong hari ini go minta maaf to Mr.Ong,cuz..hari ini dia pergi,tak akan nampak dia lagi..."What la ..Hanipah macam 咒Mr.Ong pergi mati...'tak baik tau'......Gab,vuan yee n others create a card gav to Mr.Ong...all those were wishes from class 4S1..isnt it nice...
Today can said luky n bad day,luck was.....we dun hav Bio homework,YAY!!!!2nd was..after tuition..'the sky crying'(raining) 麻烦ned to open umbrella......
WHY i'm big sis.......T.T y i need to take care of tht stupid n 不理别人感受のlittle bro..y he want ponteng o... y cant u be a gud student.....why always want me to 担心u d....U(little bro)so idiot la..y u want make mum cry n make father to get mad...u super idiot...n stop isap rokok la....BAKA,BODOH@!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

JAN 28

today...quite a busy day...u noe y???.................cuz..the a.m(ADDITIONAL MATHEMATIC) after recess i hav to salin exercise from other people's exercise in a fast speed,cuz nicole said teacher will punish those who didnt finish or didnt do the exercise she gave.At AM period..teacher want those who didn't do or finish the exercise need to stand up,i got one question didnt do so i stand up,cuz i dun want the teacher scold, many people stand up but after teacher check our exercise many student sat down.only four person stand up cuz they didnt do the exercise,luckyly teacher saw a few student stand up then she gave them sat down WHT la.better dun call us stand up tht damn teacher..all she teach i dunno wht she said...i really dun get it n she gave many exercise..i want die already.T.T....y am so hard to study.....555555!!!really hate math....i'm very curious...y would a person can create thing like tht..wht is inside the 佩服them..早知道 i take art..haiz...>o<..


hi there every one,me.....YUNA..erm..i think Evil-Yuna better...cuz..i'm here i wouldl like to introduce myself... name is...YUna..also can add a word there EVILYUNa..i won't mind.2nd,my age is..XX years old..3rd,i'm a anime fans......erm..i'm just a normal human so not much thing about ME...last year 2009 i got two family...1st in house n other family is in skul family call our family i got many bro n only 1 piggyfamily,got 10 person..
1.Sunny Lim-dai lou
2.Sie Ling-2nd
4.Pui LIng
5.Wai Ee
8.Wing Yee