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bird cage

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cake Week on The End of April

Matcha Magic Cake

Fruity Sponge Cake

Matcha Roll Cake Filled with Red Bean Cream

First of all, let's talk about why it was cake week. You see, my mom and I having our birthday on the end of April and early of May. And so, I was trying to bake a cake. The magic cake was not in my plan. However, just a few days before my mom's birthday, I had some urge to eat a cake. So, my mom said to my can i make pudding or cake with matcha? Then, something flash through my mind-- Magic Cake! Cake on the top, pudding at the middle and custard at the bottom. One batter, 3 different taste. How convenient. But at the end, i followed the recipe and it came out 2 layers. I guess it was a failed.

Moving on the next cake, fruity sponge cake. My mom really likes fruitcake, so i decided to make one, since, i found a good recipe and technique on baking a sponge cake.  There nothing much here. It just a cake made for my mom and me. (The day i bake the cake was in between my mom and my birthday.)

And... the matcha roll cake. I think it was bake in May. So it pretty much doesn't relate to the 'Cake Week'. It just me who want to post it here. Nothing much to talk about. 

P.S: In the process, i messed up the baking pan (refer to fruit sponge cake) I did not secure the bottom tightly and when i tried to pick up the pan it fell off. Luckily, i manage to save the batter and it bakes nicely. Lucky me! :)

McX's New Product Taste Test

Blueberry Sundae
As always, the berry type of jam or syrup, there tend to have a medicine taste. Weird.
I give it points because of the nice vanilla ice-cream and the little baby blueberry.

Karipap Pie
To tell you the truth, this isn't bad.
It tastes quite nice tho, crisp on the outside, curry fragrant in the inside.
In my opinion, this price doesn't worth compare to outside stands. Same taste can be bought cheaper at the outside stands/stores.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Strange Dream

Have you ever wondered in a dream, you never see it before but you feel that you know the place. As for me, i experience dream for everytime i sleep. Some weird dream, some good and some bad. However, there is a dream, a place i feel i know about, i recognize the place, but it doesn't exist in this world. That kind of feel familiar, what is this actually? Have i really see it before?

When i was still half awake, in that dream, i am clearly know this road is to go where, this place is not the place where i want to go. Why? How is this happen? I'm so confusing. It so strange.

Or is this the memories of previous life?

Maybe not...

Weird Feels

14/4/2017            Night

Just about the clock tick at 9.00 pm. I was in the middle of watching Cry plays "Yakuza 0", then suddenly my surrounding went black. I wondering what is happening here and look at the outside window. Apparently, the whole area went black out. Each of the neighbors takes out their torchlight or light the candle. Even, it makes us harder to go to the bathroom to have a 'pee pee'. What a special event.

It lasts for about one and a half hour before it regains back the electricity. At the moment, i had a weird feeling. A feel of happiness i assume. I don't know what this feeling all about. It just weird. No electricity equal to no internet. It should feel boring. Yes indeed, i am bored but instead, somehow i feel glad about it. Maybe it just an event that rarely happens and i felt special. I guess.

No electricity = no internet = boring